We are an animation studio based in the Paris area. Our varied and rapidly expanding portfolio includes animated commercials, short films and work for the gaming industry. We are passionate about beautiful images and telling stories. Always committed to improving what we do, we aim to deliver industry-leading products that our clients are happy with.

Since 2014, we have been producing our own ‘in house’ TV series, currently being broadcast on the Disney Channel and Gulli. We are proud to announce that Best Sports Ever (Bande de Sportifs) has been renewed for a second season.

How it started

SUPAMONKS started as a simple nickname. Whilst still mere students, the founding partners completed a short film called Super Moine (Super Monk) in 2007. It told the story of a badass monk being attacked by a group of blood-thirsty vikings.

This ‘short’ went viral, with millions of views on Youtube and Daily Motion. Inspired and motivated by the success of this film we decided to start a studio, naturally named in honour of our very first hero!

SUPAMONKS is proud to be awarded by the French¬† “Living Heritage Company” label.


It distinguishes the French companies with a unique “savoir faire” and the French excellency level of craftmanship.

Supamonks is also

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